Shoe Mount Flash

Shoe Mount Flash EF-X20

The compact and stylish external flash is designed to fit the camera body with a sense of unity.
The amount of flash is controlled with a dial, which is one of the key features of X Series allowing the photographer to operate with an instinct.

We have considered every detail, such as the weight balance of the body when the external flash is attached, visibility of the shutter speed dial, and enhanced finish using metal parts.

Bring new possibilities to your photographs with EF-X20

The bright light of the flash expands the possibilities of photography your creations. We'll show you how to shoot using EF-X20, which boasts the operability and design you'd expect from the X series.





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Shooting Mode : Aperture-priority Auto
Image Size : 4896 X 3264
Sensitivity : ISO200
Exposure Compensation : -0.33
Aperture : F3.2
Shutter Speed : 1/90
Lens Focal Length : 18.0mm
White Balance : AUTO
File Format : JPEG
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